PCC 2007. Modification for rFactor.

The modification PCC 2007 simulates 4 seasons with the new 997 GT3 Cup Car. The Mod inlcudes the carrera Cup Seasons of Germany, Australia and the Asia Cup also the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup witch is a support series from the FIA Formula 1.

This mod includes a more detailed Porsche 911 GT3 Cup carshape which might be the best shape possible without CAD data. The car has high resolution textures as well and an even more real cockpit which makes driving as impressing and real as never seen before.

Physics have been developed in cooperation with the real PCC driver Ralph Kalaschek and his team MRS Racing. The car's behaviour on track feels closer to reality than in any other racing simulation out there.

Ingame screenshots and a teaser video are available in the gallery.

ADAC VW Lupo Cup 2003. Modification for rFactor.

Together with Matthias Meyer (http://www.meyer-racing.de), Lupo Cup driver in the past, we gave this modification extraordinary realistic physics, sound and appearence.

In love of realism we gave this mod a setup menu which looks exactly like the real 2003 Lupo Cup one. Because the VW Lupo has got a very short wheel base and you are only allowed to change the tire pressure, a quite different way to setup and drive the car is the result.

To avoid heavy understeering, the tires on the rear axle have been filled with more pressure. This means in rFactor a tire pressure of 175 on the front axle and 210 on the rear axle.

The result is a quite nervous car while braking. You have to find a really good balance here.

Even the tire tempratures have been leaned as close as possible to the original. A very soft driving style without any wheel spin is needed because the car even has got wheel spin in gear 3 or 4.

That's the theory. Now let's practice that on the track.

Ingame screenshots are available in the gallery.

PCC 2005. Modification for rFactor.

The modification PCC 2005 simulates the hole season 2005 of the German Porsche Carrera Cup. The year 2005 was the last year the old 996 Porsche GT3 Cup has been driven.

The mod includes a high detailed Porsche 911 GT3 Cup carshape, high resolution textures, real physics and the best sounds you can hear in racing simulations.

You can drive each real driver's car with all the logos and sponsors as seen during the season 2005 on it.

When driving in cockpit view the feeling of driving a real Porsche is created by a high detailed cockpit shape where each button seems to be touchable.

The car feels as real as possible because of excellent physics that include each important value of the car.

Ingame screenshots are available in the gallery.

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